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To Brew the Best: North East Regional Brewer's Cup

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Even the most coffee-unsavvy have probably heard about barista competitions by now—if only via those who wish to mock them, like Stephen Colbert. But the newest competitive coffee-brewing frontier hits a little closer to the home kitchen, and comes to New York City this weekend in the form of the Northeast Regional Brewer's Cup contest. More

Coffee Chronicles: NYC Coffee Events in July

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Though it may already feel like your lifestyle, coffee is far more than just a drink—it's a potential social activity! We've rounded up some great coffee events coming up this month in New York City, where you're sure to learn as much as you taste. Or, well, just taste. No one will judge. More

Coffee Chronicles: Upcoming Events

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Now that the first taste of spring has lapped at our heels, New Yorkers may be looking forward to brighter things again—like exciting events in the city's coffee scene! When better to dust off the ol' Chemex and give her a whirl again than after one of these motivating events? More

Coffee Chronicles: Joe Corners Columbia University

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It's not quite like getting a macchiato at the North Pole, but to many, the freshly opened Joe coffee bar at Columbia University heralds a new day in the Manhattan coffee scene, offering a selection of espresso and manually brewed coffees at unforeseen latitudes. More

Coffee Chronicles: Downtown Brewdown

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Can man or woman truly defeat coffee? Trend-setting RBC NYC Coffee, located well out of any discernible tattoo district at 71 Worth Street, aims to find out this Thursday at an event as geeky and brew-forward as any New York's coffee scene has seen. More

Coffee Chronicles: Craftbar and Dallis Serving Up Coffee Squab

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Truly adventurous coffee explorations are still rare birds even in a food city like ours, but next week will see another brave stab at the intriguing intersections between coffee and fine dining. More

Coffee Chronicles: Upcoming Events

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Because nobody has enough to do this time of year, why not take some time to further your coffee education? Though you can taste dozens of amazing coffees on your own in New York City, there's really nothing like... More

Coffee Chronicles: East Broadway To Become "Coffee Alley"

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On the heels of its quiet Sunday dominance of the Hester Street Market and a soft weekend opening, Dora NYC is up and running on the Lower East Side at 221 East Broadway. More

Coffee Chronicles: Upgrades at Southside Coffee

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[Photos: Liz Clayton] The quietly amazing Southside Coffee has been bringing some of New York's highest-caliber coffee beverages to the calm corners of the South Slope-Windsor Terrace for awhile now without making a big to-do about it. But the... More

Coffee Chronicles: Variety Increases Variety of Single Origin Espressos

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"All that range we've begun to embrace in single origin brewed coffee is available in the concentrated, mercurial world of espresso as well." [Photos: Liz Clayton] Hipster haven Variety may not be on your morning commute, but you're only an... More

Coffee Chronicles: World Bean, First-Class Coffee at LaGuardia Airport

Liz Clayton 6 comments

Boasting an exclusive Slayer espresso machine and a wide variety of roasters—Intelligentsia, Counter Culture Coffee, Ecco Caffè, Caffé Vita and Olympia Coffee Roasters were on the menu board last week—World Bean may be the city's coffee-geekiest and most ambitious cafe going right now. And it's in LaGuardia Airport. More

Coffee Chronicles: New Single-Origin Offerings at Joe

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[Photos: Liz Clayton] Not every crop of new coffee selections arrives with a personal ambassador, but when you have the chance for a formal introduction, why not take it? Ecco Caffè coffee educator Amber Fox paid a cross-coastal visit... More

Coffee Chronicles: Weekends at Hester Street

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"I have a Yugoslavian mini folding bike that we want to fashion into a grinder." [Photos: Liz Clayton and Kickstand] Maybe it doesn't take that much to make a cup of amazing coffee—great coffee, a water source, a little electricity,... More

Coffee Chronicles: Third Rail Coffee at Rapha Cycle Club

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Antithetical to the New York City coffee shop experience is Third Rail Coffee's pop-up shop in Rapha, a high-end bicycle clothier on the Bowery—erected this summer only, as a calling card for the UK-based company. A very, very fancy... More

Coffee Chronicles: In Search of the Legit Affogato

Liz Clayton 17 comments

[Photos: Liz Clayton] It's the coffee equivalent of the chili size, or maybe it's not. The affogato: that nearly obscene, but oh-so-subtle pouring of espresso over gelato or ice cream, refreshing and lush, a world of fast-melting contrasts. While... More

Coffee Chronicles: Café Grumpy, From Green Beans to Coffee

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Though we won't ever be able to grow coffee in New York City, what we can do is trace its progress to our cup once it arrives. The nice folk at Café Grumpy let me look over their shoulders for the full journey of their latest coffee—the Paso Ancho from Carmen Estate farm, Panama—from delivery to them, to delivery to you. More

Coffee Chronicles: Coffee's History In America, A Short Primer

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"Advertisements from the 1950s popularized the idea of the 'coffee break.'" [Photographs: Allison Hemler, unless otherwise noted] L: Donald Schoenolt of Gillie's Coffee; R: A Chemex at the Intelligentsia booth at New Amsterdam Market. Before Stumptown, Gorilla, Grumpy, and even... More

Coffee Chronicles: Pairing Coffee With Food

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The croissant, the timeless coffee pairing food. [Photographs: Allison Hemler] Imagine a plate of heaping pasta from Otto, slathered with tomato sauce, eggplant, and melty ricotta salata. What would you prefer as your beverage accompaniment? A) Water B) Wine... More

Coffee Chronicles: Laid-Back Coffee Cupping at Home

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"We're like a bunch of surfers on a sunny summer day here. Having fun, riding the waves, leisurely expanding our coffee palates. " [Photographs: Allison Hemler, unless otherwise noted] Last week, I discussed my painful aversion toward the old school,... More

Coffee Chronicles: Coffee Cupping for the Lonely at Cafe Grumpy

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[Photographs: Allison Hemler] I'm going to single myself out from very many coffee heads‚ and some of my friends‚ when I say that I am not a fan of cupping. It's that session of sipping and slurping, pinpointing flavor... More

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