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How This 90-Year-Old Factory Makes 2.5 Million Pounds of Passover Matzo

Behind the Scenes Ben Jay 8 comments

Between Rosh Hashanah and now, the Streit's matzo factory on the Lower East Side has been baking 2.5 million pounds of matzo for Passover. Here's how they do it. More

Cooking Octopus With Richard Kuo of Pearl & Ash

Behind the Scenes Laura Togut 2 comments

How does critical darling and food industry favorite Pearl & Ash cook their octopus? It's a two step process: cook the tentacles sous vide until they're tender, then deep fry them until they turn crisp. More

What's With the Gas Mask? Time to Grind the Horseradish

Behind the Scenes Ben Jay 19 comments

With Passover is less than two weeks away, New York's Jewish population is getting ready to plan another year of seder plates. For The Pickle Guys, that means one thing: horseradish, the meal's all-important reminder of the bitterness of slavery, ground fresh in public view at their Lower East Side storefront. More

Step Into the Precision-Guided Kitchen at The Musket Room

Behind the Scenes Eunice Choi 2 comments

At the Kiwi-inspired Musket Room, most diners opt for one of three tasting menus, which sets the kitchen at an even, measured, and religiously timed pace. We stepped behind the kitchen doors to see what a busy night looks like at the restaurant. More

Cooking for Persian New Year With Taste of Persia NYC

Behind the Scenes Anne Noyes Saini & Mark Rinaldi 5 comments

Moments after arriving in Saeed Pourkay's East Harlem home kitchen, we're gathered around his sink, watching as he deftly carves a long slit down the belly of a glistening striped bass. Those fish eggs—destined for a surprise, unconventional role in the traditional Nowruz (Persian New Year) meal we're about to witness. More

How Num Pang Makes Their Pork Belly Sandwich

Behind the Scenes Laura Togut 7 comments

This grilled pork sandwich is Num Pang's most popular menu item. Come see how it's made. More

Step Into the Beef Butchering Operation at Takashi

Behind the Scenes Eunice Choi 2 comments

Before dinner at Takashi, the West Village's all-beef-all-the-time restaurant, stomachs must be washed, tongues must be stripped of their tastebuds, and fatty meat must be sliced. What does the prep process look like? We went into the kitchen to find out. More

Making Pork Steak, Trout, and Lamb Shank at Marietta

Behind the Scenes Clay Williams 2 comments

Clinton Hill's Marietta aspires to more than down-home Southern cooking. We stepped into the kitchen to see what they're up to lately. More

Step Behind the Kitchen Doors at Betony

Behind the Scenes Eunice Choi 2 comments

How does a fine dining restaurant like Betony operate? We stepped into the kitchen to see it in action. More

Behind the Scenes at China Blue, the Shanghai-Style Restaurant From the Cafe China Team

Behind the Scenes Clay Williams Post a comment

At China Blue, the Cafe China team trades in Sichuan peppercorns for for sweet and sour flavors, soup dumplings, and lots of seafood. See what happens in the kitchen. More

Steakcraft: Uncle Jack's Kicks It Old School

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 11 comments

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse has three bustling locations in New York—two in Manhattan and the original location in Bayside, Queens. As is befitting of a true New York steakhouse, each location dry ages its own beef, and in that tradition Uncle Jack's has a purchaser that still heads down to the Meatpacking District at an ungodly hour to personally select the restaurants' beef. More

Steakcraft: Ristorante Morini's Fiorentina for Two

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 13 comments

To further prove my point that there is no single right way to cook a steak, the newly minted Ristorante Morini serves one up that is marinated in an herb, garlic, and oil mix under vacuum before being seared on the grill and finished in the oven. This comes from a group that already employs three different methods of preparing their steaks at their restaurants and an entirely distinct method at Costata, the steakhouse jewel in Morini's crown. More

Steakcraft: Hung Huynh's Steaks at The General and Catch

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 10 comments

Chef Hung Huynh helms two rather different restaurants: Catch and The General. The former is a contemporary American seafood restaurant; the latter a pan-Asian affair serving upmarket versions of popular dishes from across the continent. The steaks he serves at each are reflective of the inspirations and styles of the different restaurants with only USDA Prime beef to go with the rest of the upmarket offerings. More

Behind the Scenes: Bar Boulud Shows Us Their Classic Coq Au Vin

Behind the Scenes Laura Togut 10 comments

Weather this cold demands something braised, and coq au vin is near the top of our braised meat wish list. We took a peek inside Bar Boulud's kitchen to see how they make theirs. Take a look at the slideshow to see it from start to finish. More

The Designer Behind the Dishware: Meet the Creator of Eleven Madison Park and NoMad's Plates

Behind the Scenes Chris Malloy 2 comments

In a year, Pandolfi produces some 10,000 pieces of dinnerware: plates, chargers, mugs, bowls, teapots, and so on. Many of Pandolfi's ceramics end up in some of New York's top restaurants: Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad, Atera, wd~50, and plenty more. More

Steakcraft: Watch Alex Guarnaschelli Cook a 40-Ounce Rib Steak at Butter Midtown

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 20 comments

While a ribeye or New York strip fit well on more delicate menu's, the new midtown location of Butter, chef Alex Guarnaschelli's restaurant, needed something greater—a much larger steak with almost the entire rib bone attached. More

Steakcraft: The Ultra-Premium Steaks of Le Cirque

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 16 comments

Le Cirque's chef Christian Fischhuber showed us how he prepares both a New York strip for one and the ribeye for two. The latter is cooked in a steakhouse-quality broiler and sliced tableside. The strip can also be served this way, which is of course the purist approach, or in the classic au poivre style, which includes tableside flambéing and is reflective of the grand dining tradition of Le Cirque. More

Step Behind the Fish Counter at Shelsky's, Carroll Gardens' Smoked Fish Destination

Behind the Scenes Clay Williams 3 comments

Shelsky's carries the Jewish appetizing staples as well as some creative updates like kung pao salmon which is cured like gravlax but with Sichuan peppercorns and chili bean paste. Take a look inside their fish operation. More

Watch Chef J.J. Johnson Make Fried Guinea Hen at The Cecil

Behind the Scenes J. Kenji López-Alt 7 comments

The menu at The Cecil, Richard Parson's newly revamped hotel in the heart of Central Harlem, is a little difficult to follow. But the real killer on Chefs Alexander Smalls and J.J. Johnson's menu here is the Fried Guinea Hen ($27), which for my money, is one of the best fried chicken variants in the city. More

Steakcraft: The Makings of Circo's Super-Premium Ribeye

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 11 comments

Circo, the younger offshoot of Le Cirque, serves a ribeye made with beef "beyond prime grade." More

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