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Seeking out the best bites for under $15 a head.


Apps Only: Local Done Right at Parish Hall

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Parish Hall opened last year, the sister restaurant to brunch-all-the-time Williamsburg mainstay Egg. As its menu is full of snacks, small plates, and salads, I stopped by to see how a diner would fare bypassing the entrées and sticking to a meal of smaller bites. More

Apps Only: Peaches HotHouse, Fried Chicken and Southern Redux in Bed-Stuy

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Peaches Hothouse, an offshoot of nearby Peaches, bills itself as a "country cafe," and while I'm not sure what that means, their menu of reasonably priced Southern classics has a lot going for it. More

Apps Only: Southeast Asian-Inspired Bar Food at Ducks Eatery

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The Southeast Asian inflected food at East Village newcomer Ducks Eatery is adventurous and playful without being overwrought. I stopped in last week to see what a meal of their small plates would look like. More

Apps Only: Toby's Public House Isn't Just About the Pizza

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I tend to explore restaurants that I've never been to in this column, or places I've only visited once or twice. It's not usually a forum for me to rave about my favorite after-work bar, partly because my favorite after-work bar doesn't usually serve great food. Not so with Toby's Public House. More

Apps Only: Solid Small Plates at Walden in Williamsburg

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Walden is a solid restaurant with a friendly, inviting, professional staff, a nice selection of wine and beer, and a menu of tasty snacks and small plates (and some bigger options if you're very hungry). That's increasingly hard to find, and to my mind the people who can call Walden their neighborhood joint are pretty lucky. More

Apps Only: Japanese Dishes, Local Bent at Wasan in the East Village

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At Wasan the menu is Japanese in its diligent attention to detail (the menu proclaims that a fluke dish is "boiled for 2.5 seconds"), but focused on using local ingredients to create the sort of seasonal dishes that are all over NYC's menus these days. What you end up with is something completely different, and delicious. More

Apps Only: Double Windsor Serves Great Bar Food That's Way Better Than It Needs To Be

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Everyone goes to Double Windsor in Windsor Terrace for their great beer selection, but a fair number of customers are also chowing down on burgers, other sandwiches, and other interesting snacks. So it seemed only natural to stop in and see how the food fared beyond those burgers (which are quite good). It fares very, very well. More

Apps Only: Summertime Seafood Fix at Mary's Fish Camp

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When it gets as hot and muggy as it has been the last couple of weeks in New York, I get seafood on the brain. And while I can't make it to New England for the real deal, there are plenty of options in the city for a quick fix. With a serious hankering for fried clams, I found myself at the counter at Mary's Fish Camp this week, trying to see if I could string together an affordable, satisfying meal, and the West Village institution delivered. More

Apps Only: Woodland in Prospect Heights

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You could build a full meal from Woodland's creative but friendly snack menu. More

Apps Only: Tia Pol

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You never know if tapas are actually going to be a good deal, so I was a bit apprehensive before visiting Tia Pol for the first time. Turns out that my fears were unwarranted. And the pig's ears would have been worth double what I paid. More

Apps Only: Gramercy Tavern

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Apps Only returns with a cheapskate visit to the bar at Gramercy Tavern. It's all about the bar nuts. More

Apps Only: The Cheapskate's Guide to Eating Well

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"I can't afford a whole meal there, but I could go for a drink and a snack at the bar." This was the line of thinking that reached its logical conclusion with Apps Only, the column I've written for Serious Eats: New York since the beginning of 2010. What I learned was that not only could I have a snack, but for about $15/person—sometimes more, sometimes less—I could get a filling meal at a place that I otherwise just couldn't afford. Sharing that with the readers of Serious Eats has been a huge pleasure. Now that I've wrapped up my last review, I'd like to share a few lessons I've learned while writing Apps Only. More

Apps Only: Back Forty

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The idea for Apps Only came from a number of places, but it crystallized at the bar at Back Forty. I came for the great happy hour deal—half price drinks from 6-8pm, Monday-Thursday—but lingered over fried squid, Greenmarket-driven salads, and the occasional pork shoulder slider. More

Apps Only: Hearth

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When my dining companion arrived to meet me at Hearth, Marco Canora's upscale Italian restaurant in the East Village, I was already at work on a cocktail, and the bartender informed us that we could eat there at the bar, or at the pass, where the restaurant has set up bar seats overlooking the open kitchen. Any seat that lets you watch the action in a restaurant's kitchen is the best seat in the house in my book. More

Apps Only: Ofrenda

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Last week, Carey visited West Village Mexican joint Ofrenda to check out their great happy hour deal—margaritas starting at $5, beer for $4, and plenty of snacks for just $6.50. I decided to stop by this week to see how the rest of their menu stacked up for an eater on a budget. More

Apps Only: Olivia Bistro

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Olivia Bistro in the East Village serves mediocre food, and not nearly enough of it. More

Apps Only: Pure Thai Shophouse

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As it turns out, the snacks at Pure Thai Shophouse in Hell's Kitchen go beyond chicken satay and crispy spring rolls to great results. More

Apps Only: Bar Jamon

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Packed into the back end of Casa Mono is sister establishment Bar Jamon, the teeny-tiny wine bar serving cold tapas and wine to the dozen or so customers that can fit inside. I snagged two of the last seats just after 6 p.m.; by 6:30 the wine bar was packed to the gills with drinkers. More

Apps Only: Pearl Oyster Bar

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After last week's disappointing meal at the Fish Shack at BLT Fish, I felt it would only be fair to show everyone that there is such a thing as great restaurant serving the simple, delectable seafood of New England here in the city. Like Fish Shack, Pearl Oyster Bar is not a place to get a cheap meal, but unlike the Fish Shack, it is well worth it, serving food that's simple, delicious, and comforting, all with a warm smile. More

Apps Only: The Fish Shack at BLT Fish

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While upstairs at BLT Fish, visitors dine on upscale seafood, downstairs is the Fish Shack, which, while owned and run by the same people, supposedly serves shack-style cuisine for more moderate prices. We stopped by last week to see what a meal of appetizers and small plates from the Fish Shack would look like. More

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