What a New York Food Minute Looks Like


[Photographs: James Boo]

When I first approached Max with an idea for a food video series, the one thing I knew was that every episode would be short. My inspiration was the maple documentary I had filmed in 2012, but if I were to produce a series with any regularity, telling the whole story would not be an option.

Instead I settled on a one-minute(-ish) runtime, focused on the moments that make food matter. A year later, as my biweekly series on SE comes to a close (but continues elsewhere on the web), I've understood all the more clearly that as far as food towns go, New York is its own five-borough universe. Everybody loves good food, but for every piece published about the "Gods of Food" there are dozens of stories that rarely make it through the pinhole light of a page view.


That is unfortunate. In a place like this, food is a rich lens for the experience of living, congregating, adapting, and striving to make it—whatever "it" happens to be.

So if you want to follow where those stories lead,


Maybe nothing can stop the next rent explosion from decimating another local business, but let's at least put the spotlight on a layer of New York that deserves to be better documented.

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About the videographer: James Boo has been a Serious Eats contributor since 2010. Working as a multimedia journalist, he is also the founder of Real Cheap Eats and a documentarian. Check out his food-and-travel blog, The Eaten Path, for more journeys to the real meal.

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