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With Los Janquis back in action, you may be looking for the best things to eat near Yankee stadium. Don't worry: we have you covered. But for right now let's talk about one more good morsel.

We wrote about Molino Rojo last year, praising their pernil sandwich and crisp fried plantains. Like many Puerto Rican restaurants, it's now Dominican owned and offers both dishes from both cuisines.

That pernil is pretty good by Bronx standards, the best you'll find in walking distance of the stadium, but their Chicharrones de Cerdo Estilo Domincano ($9.50) are even better. They're the best fried pork bits you'll find in the borough.

Ask nicely for the fatty bits—it's worth the cardiac collateral for extra-moist meat and creamy fat beneath the craggly crust that's well cooked but not fried into oblivion. They're generously porcine and need nothing more than a squeeze of lemon or lime, though if you want to get creative, request a hero roll and a side of the diner's mojo sauce for a DIY sandwich.

If you're looking for a side order, go fried-on-fried with a plate of Tostones, smashed, double-fried plantains, which are a better bet than the mushy, bland rice and beans. But all you really need to wash this pork down is an ice cold Presidente, or whatever overpriced brew the ballpark is offering.

About the author: Chris Crowley is the author of the Bronx Eats and Anatomy of A Smorgasburg Pop Up columns. Follow him on Twitter, if you'd like. In person, your best bet is the window seat at Neerob, or waiting in line at the Lechonera La Piranha trailer.

Molino Rojo

Molino Rojo

  • The Bronx, NY

101 E 161st St at Walton Ave The Bronx NY 10451 718-538-9642

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