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Breakfast for Dinner?

I was wondering if you know of any restaurants that serve breakfast foods for dinner. I recently tried going to Clinton St. Baking Company for dinner and was dismayed to see that the wait was still an hour and a half (though this was probably because it was pancake month). Are there any similar restaurants?

Blueberry Streusel Pancakes, February 10-11

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Clinton Street is the most-loved pancake spot for a reason—and in my experience, the wait for dinner (outside of February, Pancake Month) is much gentler than the wait for brunch. I still remember the first year I moved to Manhattan, trying to meet a friend for pancakes on a Sunday afternoon and being quoted a three-hour wait. Welcome to New York, indeed.

But at dinner, it's much more accessible—and there are other options in the city, too. At the just-reopened Empire Diner, a Chelsea landmark taken over by chef Amanda Freitag, get buttermilk pancakes or an herb omelette for dinner. (Or try the "Happy Waitress," with a poached egg, Taylor ham, and cheddar cheese.) Even some savory dishes have a breakfast slant, like the "Lox and Burrata" with house-cured salmon and "everything bagel" spice.

Huevos Rancheros ($7.95)

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Coppelia, the modern Cuban diner over on West 14th, serves excellent pancakes and and huevos rancheros all day; and their 24-7 hours means you'll never be without challah French toast with dulce de leche, should you crave it at odd hours. And at Veselka, the full menu is available all day —whether you're craving pancakes or blintzes at 6pm, or pierogi at 3am.

New York eaters—where do you get pancakes for dinner?

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