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Tucked away in a corner opposite Thompkins Square Park, Korzo Haus can be easy to miss if you're not looking hard enough. But find the heavy wooden door and you'll be glad to step into this sliver of a restaurant. Though their claim to fame is the fried Korzo Burger, they also have some choice central European fare. On a cold winter's day, nothing is better than the Spicy Hungarian Goulash ($5 small / $15 large).

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Served in a bowl, Korzo's goulash is a thick stew made with large chunks of slow cooked beef brisket spiced with paprika. It's not spicy but it's still flavorful, and if you get the large portion size, your goulash will come with a nice mound of homemade spaetzle on top. The pan-seared spaetzle is a great addition, even though the spaetzle itself could be more al dente. Triangles of grilled langos, the hungarian bread also used to envelope the patty in the fried burger, are served on the side and perfect for dipping into the goulash and wiping your bowl clean (which I happily did). Korzo's langos is soft and pillowy and has a lovely chewiness.

You can order the goulash at both Korzo locations. Pair it with a beer from one of their many taps for a hearty meal.

About the author: Nicole Lam loves food and will go to the far reaches of Manhattan and beyond for a taste of the best ice cream or to slurp an awesome bowl of noodles. She is always adamant about having dessert. Follow her travels and eats on Instagram @niclam.

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