Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Barbecue Royalty Heads to Chinatown: Scenes From Last Night's Brisket King of NYC

[Photographs: Eunice Choi]

Last night, barbecue enthusiasts lined up outside of The Firehouse on Lafayette Street, eagerly awaiting their access to over a dozen different type of brisket. The annual Brisket King of NYC event took place in Chinatown, with competition from New York's smoke houses, restaurants, and self-taught cooks.

The venue quickly became overwhelmingly crowded with brisket lovers, and the dozen or so vendors worked hard to serve every one of them. Smoked, cured, marinated and braised, a variety of brisket cooking methods made an appearance last night, from the most basic of rub-and-smoke preparations, to brisket that could hardly be called barbecue. Most of the competitors went the traditional route, while a couple tried to break the mold to give them the edge. Ducks Eatery, the winner of last night's event, ended up doing both, serving brisket two ways: traditionally dry-rubbed and smoked, and then a cured meat-like take of aged and cold-smoked brisket.

It was an event ideal for the evening before an impending snowstorm, and attendees filled up on warm, hearty food throughout the event. Click through the slideshow to see the competitors from last night, and how they were serving their brisket.

About the author: Eunice is a student and former Serious Eats intern living in New York. Food, coffee, and photography are her passions, and she looks to combine all three during her stay in the city.


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