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Tucked away on 21st Street just off 6th Avenue, A&A Coffee Shop is easy to miss—the facade is little more a nondescript sign reading "COFFEE SHOP." Step inside, however, and you'll find a tiny but inviting diner with friendly staff and solid breakfast and lunch options.


The Bacon and Egg Sandwich ($4.25) is the breakfast sandwich at its most simple. The bacon is more chewy than crisp, but isn't limp or overly greasy. Scrambled eggs are cooked competently, tender and piled high. Admittedly the bland roll is oversized for the payload, but for the money it's a perfectly satisfying breakfast option for the neighborhood.


If you're coming for lunch, try the Grilled Chicken, Bacon, and Mozzarella Hero ($6.95). The same bacon from breakfast is paired with chicken that is sufficiently tender and impressively flavorful, just enough mozzarella, and some lettuce for added crunch. You have the option of adding tomato and mayonnaise. The tomato you can take or leave, but do opt for the mayo, which adds the extra dose of moisture and tang to what would otherwise be a dry sandwich.

You won't find many frills at A&A Coffee Shop. What you will find is a tasty, affordable breakfast lunch, and that's good enough for me.

About the author: Rabi Abonour is an editorial intern at Serious Eats. A Midwest native, he's taken up the challenge of exploring New York one bite at a time. You can find him on his blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

A&A Coffee Shop

A&A Coffee Shop

  • Flatiron

46 W 21st St btwn 5th & 6th Ave. New York NY 10010 212-255-4811

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