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You go to Chinatown's Kam Hing Coffee Shop for just one thing, their pillow-soft sponge cake, eggy and barely sweet and always fresh come morning. For 70 cents it's a hell of a breakfast.

Recently the coffee shop's been riffing on their classic cakes, and for a buck you can get green tea and chocolate chip variations. We love them both, even if they aren't sold warm the way the plain cakes are.

Now there's a fourth flavor also available daily: Cinnamon Chocolate Chip. It's the same surprisingly rich chocolate as the chocolate chip cake with a heavy kick of spicy cinnamon that'll have you thinking Red Hot crossed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch more than sweet pastry. With all its richness and raspy spice it's the farthest removed from the eggy simplicity of the basic model, so it may not be for everyone. But if that candy-cereal hybrid in cake form sounds like a good idea to you (it does to me), get on the train to Chinatown.

Kam Hing Coffee Shop

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Kam Hing Coffee Shop

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