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Have Your Coffee and Danish All in One


[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Coffee and Danish lovers rejoice. Paris Baguette has you covered with their new all-in-one Coffee-Danish ($2.50). The lightly sweetened pastry combines an almond flour dough and a thick coffee coating. As soon as you open the wrapper it's as if a cup of fresh-brewed coffee appeared right on the table next to you.


Unlike an American-style coffee cake, the crust on this pastry doesn't have much sugar—it's more akin to a dehydrated coffee pastry cream. Underneath that crust is a moist, almost wet, brioche-style dough, a softness achieved through a healthy dose of butter in the recipe. Hello, new breakfast routine.

About the author: Native New Yorker Niko Triantafillou is the founder of his photographs of desserts and pastry chefs have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Dessert Professional Magazine. He is an unabashed foodie nerdling. Follow him on Twitter at @DessertBuzz.


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