Video: Yotam Ottolengi and Sami Tamimi Shop at Kalustyan's


Yotam Ottolengi and Sami Tamimi's Jerusalem doesn't skimp on its use of spices, but what do you really need? The authors paid a visit to our favorite spice shop in New York, Kalustyan's, to show us in this video from the Jewish Daily Forward.

The TL;DR: eight essential ingredients for your kitchen:

  • Cardamom: "The ultimate taste of home...the smell of the coffee shops in the old city. You can use it for savory and sweet."
  • Allspice: "Key for Palestinian cooking. You get it in salads, kofta mixes, and stews."
  • Cinnamon: Whole sticks and ground are both okay.
  • Turmeric: "Mostly they use it for color."
  • Cumin: "It goes with fish, or you rub it over meat or lamb."
  • Za'atar: "You can eat it with bread or use it in salads, or marinate chicken."
  • Sumac: "It's a component in za'atar but also great on its own. It brings it all to life with color and sharpness."
  • Tahini: "It's absolutely key to so many cuisines, whether in salad or in paste form or to make something sweet."

Catch the full video below.

The 8 Flavors of Jerusalem from Jewish Daily Forward on Vimeo.

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