Video: Where Do the Locals Eat Near Downtown Brooklyn and West 4th?

Burger: Shack Shack

[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The Internets Celebrities, the video team behind the dollar menu Big Mac and this ode to bodegas, are riding along the A train finding out where locals love to eat. Their first stop was 168th and Broadway; now they've hit West 4th and Jay Street Metrotech in search of more.

The answers in Brooklyn are all chains: Dallas BBQ, Panera Bread, Shake Shack, and Junior's. The winner? Shake Shack by a landslide. "Good job New York City for gentrifying," they conclude.

It's a rosier picture in the West Village, where locals call out pizza spot Spunto's, Mamoun's, Pearl Oyster Bar, and Joe's Pizza—that last one, that is, until enough dissenting voices knock it off the list (who are these Joe's haters?). Popular vote sends them to Spunto's...which doesn't allow cameras inside. So nearby Victory Garden for goat milk soft serve it is! "All our lives we've waited for this moment—to be an adult. And being an adult means we can have ice cream for dinner."

Good choice, gentlemen.

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