Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Our Favorite Bronx Eats of 2013

[Photographs: Chris Crowley ]

We covered a ton of ground again this year in Bronx Eats, eating everything from lemon chicken soup in Riverdale to birria in Hunts Point. We started digging for the north Bronx's best Jamaican food, and picked up an ongoing quest to find the perfect mangu. If this second year of Bronx Eats proved anything for me, its that there's so much more good stuff left to eat and share with you.

I drew up this list with an eye towards the most delicious things I wrote about this year, but in doing so unintentionally reflected the under appreciated diversity of the borough's culinary offerings. The Bronx is a great place to eat, and we're looking forward to sharing more reasons why that's true with you next year. For now, here are ten of our best. See our favorite bites in the slideshow or jump straight to the reviews below.

See all the best of New York in 2013 this way ยป

About the author: Chris Crowley is the author of the Bronx Eats and Anatomy of A Smorgasburg Pop Up columns. Follow him on Twitter, if you'd like. In person, your best bet is the window seat at Neerob, or waiting in line at the Lechonera La Piranha trailer.


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