Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam, and Casimir Nozkowski, the video team and Internets Celebrities behind the dollar menu Big Mac (as well as its brunch corollary) and this ode to bodegas, are at it again. This time they're riding the A train and asking locals where they eat at every stop. First up: 168th Street in Washington Heights.

In their new series, Food Warriors, Penn and Kam hit up straphangers on the platform and above ground for their favorite restaurants, then narrow the results down to four semifinalists. Once they ask around some more they pick the most popular of the lot and tuck in for a meal.

They settle on Irish pub Coogan's, Antika Pizzeria, Caribbean spot Malecon, and the winner: Dominican diner El Presidente for a meal of roast pork and rice and beans. See the video below, then keep an eye out for more episodes on their website or YouTube channel.


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