Hot Pot at Mister Hot Pot (Price Varies)

The split hot pot at Mister Hot Pot in Sunset Park. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The recent cold snap has us craving soup something fierce, but you know what's better than soup? A giant, communal soup pot in the center of the table that lets you cook all your ingredients to your liking. We're talking about hot pot, Chinese-style fondue, and we want to know where you get it.

Most Chinese restaurants don't serve hot pot, and our current favorites come from places that specialize in it. Mister Hot Pot in Sunset Park makes a milky mild soup base almost as rich as ramen broth. Little Sheep in Flushing nails fresh ingredients to cook into your broth with plenty of sauces to customize your bowl. And Hou Yi's all you can eat hot pot is a solid deal with a hellishly hot spicy broth.

We're hitting up some more spots this season, so tell us: where do you get hot pot in this town?


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