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A package from Good Eggs. [Photograph: Sharon Radisch]

Back in August we profiled a number of new companies that are bringing the Greenmarket and CSA ethic into new territory, most notably Fresh Direct-style delivery. This morning, California-based Good Eggs launched its farm-to-door delivery and pick-up service all over Brooklyn, and is following up with a launch party this Sunday.

Good Eggs offers fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat, and seafood all from local farms, fisheries, and butchers, from pears to pâté to dry aged beef and even herbs like cilantro. You can also buy locally made food like bread, soup, pie, pantry goods, and baby food. You'll recognize many of the farms and producer names from Greenmarkets around the city as well as some market vendors neighborhood shops that are now available to a larger audience.

Delivery is available Tuesday through Friday for a flat rate of $3.99 (pick-up is free), and an order placed today will be delivered on Friday. Pick-ups and deliveries are just in Brooklyn for now.

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Disclosure: Former Serious Eats editor Erin is one of the good eggs at Good Eggs.


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