Brooklyn Farmacy's Ice Cream Sundaes Are the Size of Your Head

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[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

I pulled back pretty far to get all of Brooklyn Farmacy's Pecan Crumble sundae ($10) in frame. The heavy glass fishbowl dish is packed with the better part of a pint of Adirondack Creamery vanilla or chocolate (your choice), a five-second-swirl of thick whipped cream that may have you thinking of Luger's schlag, a big bar's worth of sugary pecan crumble, and a dash of caramel sauce for good measure.

I'm not the biggest fan of Adirondack ice cream—though it's buttery and made with quality dairy, the flavors are rather muted—but it performs well in this massive sundae, a blank canvas for sandy pecan candy and all that sweet caramel. But make no mistake—this dessert's greatest asset is its grandeur, something to be shared with two or three of your good friends or sugar-crazed kids in Brooklyn Farmacy's retro scoop shop. Sharing is what this soda fountain does best,* and this dessert does its part admirably.

* Also egg creams.

About the author: Max Falkowitz is the New York editor and ice cream maker in residence at Serious Eats. You can follow him on Twitter at @maxfalkowitz.

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