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In an effort to distinguish itself from the myriad gelato places in New York City, Dolce Gelateria on Seventh Avenue South (fka L'Arte del Gelato) is now serving  Spaghetti Gelato ($5.95). And contrary to what I expected, spaghetti gelato is not created from a specially made batch of gelato. It's simply Dolce's standard vanilla gelato that's been pushed through a potato press so it resembles a small dish of spaghetti.

Dolce's spaghetti gelato is available with two different toppings: "marinara sauce" (strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry), or "vodka sauce" (mangos and peaches—no alcohol). You also get a side order of "meatballs," a small scoop of any of the 40 flavors of gelato and sorbet they have. I went with the marinara and meatballs (a small scoop of hazelnut).

The spaghetti gelato is slightly lighter than Dolce's standard because of additional air incorporated during the pressing process. Other than that it's the same as standard in a fun new form. The sauce was excellent—not too sweet and very fresh. If there's a problem with this sundae it's that Dolce's vanilla bean gelato pales in comparison to its other flavors, like that hazelnut. Though it has black specks of vanilla bean, we found the flavor slightly off.

About the author: Native New Yorker Niko Triantafillou is the founder of DessertBuzz.com and an unabashed foodie nerdling. You can follow him on Twitter at @DessertBuzz.

Dolce Gelateria

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