No fried knish dogs, either. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

If you're a fan of square fried knishes, get them now. Today if you can. Because a fire at the Gabila's knish factory will put a chokehold on the city's knish supply, the Observer reports.

Gabila's produces almost all of the city's fried, Coney Island-style knishes, even to delis that bake their own round versions. According to the New York Times, that's about 15 million knishes a year to delis like Katz's, restaurants, and street carts.

The fire, which Gabila's obliquely called "small [and] contained," has put their knish-frying operation out of commission until likely the end of November. In the meantime knish fans will have to content themselves with round versions, which shouldn't be too hard. As die-hard knish lovers know, freshly made baked knishes like you'll find at Knish Nosh have no equal. Tell us: where do you get yours?


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