Tuna melt at Classic Coffee Shop. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We're not sure exactly when the tuna melt got fancy, but it looks like the trend towards mayo-and-cheese fish sandwiches is back in full swing, and we've been busy tasting them to see if any match up to or surpass the classics we grew up with. And whenever we hit a new diner-to-us, tuna melts are an essential order.

Robyn, our biggest tuna melt fan, did a whole write up on her own blog cataloguing the tuna melts she's eaten of late. Her favorite? The dead-simple version at Classic Coffee Shop on Hester, which is thin, amply buttered, and beautifully toasted.

Tuna Melt at Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop

Tuna melt at Eisenberg's

We're also fans of the tuna melt at Eisenberg's, which you can order open-faced or closed, beautiful either way. But we've been surprised at how many other tuna melts—classic and cheffy—fall short of our straightforward expectations. So tell us: what tuna melt should we check out next, and what do you love about it? Let us know in the comments.


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