[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The Mid-Autumn Festival kicks off today, which means it's high time for mooncakes, those dense, lightly sweetened pastries stuffed with lotus seed paste and salted eggs. We've been rifling through Chinatown's bakeries for our share, digging up some curious versions like date-nut mooncakes, coconut, pineapple, even ham. Our buddy Joe DiStefano has been getting pandan-flavored mooncakes, and we've seen some bakeries offer a couple with as many as four egg yolks stuffed inside.

We've been reasonably pleased with the basic lotus bean mooncakes from Kwong Wah Cake Company, but we want to know: where are you getting your mooncakes, and what are your favorite flavors? These pastries will only be around for a little while longer, so share in the comments while there's still time!


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