Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Steakcraft: RedFarm Steak, RedFarm's 28-Day Pop-Up Restaurant

[Photographs: Nick Solares]

Steak Fact Sheet

Cut: NY Strip
Grade: USDA Prime
Breed: Black Angus
Dry Aged? 40 Days
Pre-Cooked Weight: 20 oz.
Price: $49 served with seasonal greens
Price per Ounce: $2.45

We featured the RedFarm rib steak here on Steakcraft back in December 2012, and since then the steak has remained a signature item on the menu. It also served as the inspiration for the 28-day pop-up restaurant that opened last week and will run through the end of this month. The concept came about spontaneously as the RedFarm team prepared to open a RedFarm outpost on the Upper West Side and renovate their original location to accommodate a new restaurant downstairs called Decoy, which will specialize in Peking duck.

When asked about the renovation, RedFarm's Ed Schoenfeld explained that the tenement-style building in which the restaurant is situated was designed for 10 people to live in, not for serving 2,000 people a week. He estimates that over 100,000 people have passed through the doors since they opened two years ago. RedFarm is closed for a month to handle repairs, and though Decoy's kitchen is ready to go, it lacks the wok stoves required to replicate the RedFarm experience. Hence steak.

RedFarm Chef Joe Ng and Ed Schoenfeld.

"We wanted to do something fun," says Schoenfeld. "We have a high level of craft and technical proficiency in our kitchen, but we are also whimsical." What he and chef Joe Ng came up with reflects both these aspects.

The rib steak is one of the core items on the menu; this 40-day dry-aged New York strip is another. Like the rib, it comes from Creekstone Farms and is aged by Pat LaFrieda. Unlike the rib, it's prepared in a more straightfoward manner: simply seasoned and grilled, rather than elaborately marinated. The menu also encompasses other steak and seafood items less typical of classic steakhouse fare.

Take a look through the slideshow at the making of the strip as well as a look at some of the other menu items. The pop-up runs through the end of September.

About the author: Nick Solares is a NYC-based food writer and photographer. He has published Beef Aficionado since 2007, with the stated purpose of exploring American exceptionalism through the consumption of hamburgers and steak. He has written over 350 restaurant reviews for Serious Eats since 2008 and served as the creative director for the award-winning iPad app Pat LaFrieda's Big App for Meat. You can follow him on Instagram (@nicksolares) and Twitter (@beefaficionado).


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