Mayhem & Stout Serving Braised Meat Sandwiches in Murray Hill

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Lamb sandwich. [Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Mayhem & Stout has been operating at food markets and festivals for a while now, but they recently opened a small brick and mortar shop of their own in Murray Hill. Their sandwich menu allows you to mix and match their various braised meats, sauces, and add-ons, such as lamb shoulder with kale and potato chips. Two DIY combinations on hero rolls: braised lamb shoulder with harissa and pickled vegetables and brisket with horseradish sauces and spicy slaw, $10 apiece.


Beef sandwich.

The harissa in the lamb sandwich brought a nice, mild spiciness that complemented the brightness of the pickled vegetables. And the lamb itself is much meatier and gamey than we expected. Similarly the brisket carries a nice beefiness, and it takes well to creamy mayo-based toppings. The sandwiches exhibit a punch-to-the-gut flavor that make for a satisfying lunch.

But it's not all good news. Both the lamb and beef were drier than we would have liked, even with the boost of creamy sauces. A little less cooking time on the meat (and a bit more of it packed in the sandwich, please) and we would have had two great sandwiches that played spice, fattiness, and acidity off one another well.

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