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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I have a hard time thinking of a New York neighborhood that doesn't do something well, like cheap dumplings or good sandwich shops. And those things are important. They help lend our neighborhoods (and our micro-neighborhoods within them) an identity, and give us all the more ammo to say why we live in the only good neighborhood in New York.

For my part of Astoria above the Grand Central parkway, it's all about yogurt. I have a hard time walking into a grocery store and not finding something good. The best yogurt spot is Parrot Coffee Market on Ditmars, which, like many other supermarkets in the area, carries the crazy-rich made-in-Queens Kesso Foods Greek yogurt. But Parrot also sells their own goat milk yogurt, lighter and more lemony but just as creamy.

For Robyn, who lives just north of Sunset Park, it's all about the excellent tacos and sandwiches at El Tenampa. (I might add the lentil soup from Kofte Piyaz, but hey, it's not my home.) Jamie's East Williamsburg 'hood is full of old school Italian butchers and pasta and sandwich shops.

So how about you? What's your neighborhood food thing? Tell us in the comments.


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