Inside Cup & Saucer, a decades-old diner in Chinatown. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

A while back at an editorial meeting, we got to talking about diners (like you do). Which led to a question: when does a Greek coffee shop stop being a Greek coffee shop and start being a diner? Ed's answer: When it feels like it's big time enough that it can."

This is the kind of talk you can only have a in a town that really loves its diners. And even as New York's diner tradition falls by the wayside, it's still a powerful one. We've been hitting up some old diners on the Lower East Side of late, like Classic Coffee Shop and Cup & Saucer, and we want to know: what's your favorite diner (or coffee shop), and why do you love it there? Share your diner stories in the comments.


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