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[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

We're getting ready for a long weekend off at Serious Eats HQ, and while some of us are heading out of town for the weekend, others are staying right here. Plenty of publications are tossing around the phrase, "Stuck in New York for July 4th," but the way we see it, that isn't right. Now's when the city's at its most open, quiet best. Tough reservations are easier to come by, bars are less crowded, heckā€”even tourists are staying home to grill right now. If you're staying in the city this weekend, more power to you.

In the past we put out some tips for day-off food adventures. Maybe you're looking for a picnic near the park, or perhaps you're interested in a tour de dumpling in Flushing.

So tell us: staying at home to grill this weekend, or are you eating somewhere exciting?


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