Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Steakcraft: The Marrow's Rib Steak and Top Sirloin

[Photographs: Nick Solares]

Steak Fact Sheet

Cuts: Culotte (top sirloin) and Rib Steak
Grade: Culotte ungraded but abundantly marbled; Rib Steak USDA Prime
Breed: Culotte, Wagyu (Australian); Rib Steak, Black Angus
Dry Aged? Culotte, No; Rib Steak, Yes, 40 Days
Pre-Cooked Weight: Culotte 8 oz., Rib Steak 40 oz.
Price: Culotte $33, Rib Steak $120 –140
Price per Ounce: Culotte $4.15/oz., Rib Steak $3 – $3.50/oz.

I have never seen a chef who seasons steak as often and as fastidiously as Harold Dieterle does. At virtually every step of the cooking process he is sprinkling salt or grinding pepper on to the beef. Yet despite the seemingly constant flurry, the resulting steaks come out perfectly seasoned, highlighting the flavor of the beef itself. The steaks—a single serving Australian Wagyu culotte (top sirloin) from Greg Norman Singature Beef and a 40-day dry-aged rib steak for two from Creekstone Farms—both have profound flavor on their own, the result of good breeding and dry aging.

Dieterle doesn't feel the need to do anything but highlight the inherent flavor of the meat. But rather than serving the steaks a la carte, he prefers to offer composed dishes. This allows him to express himself as a chef, stay true to the convivial spirit of The Marrow, and also offer better value for money.

Hatch marked

When I initially approached him about participating in this series, Dieterle didn't even want to feature the rib steak—he was all about the culotte. "Everybody is doing rib steaks these days," the chef noted. This is true, and the diversity of rib steak's preparation is one of the founding reasons for Steakcraft. If I've learned one thing so far, it's that there is no single right way to cook a steak. Look through the slideshow to check out Dieterle's take on the rib steak and culotte.

About the author: Nick Solares is a NYC-based food writer, photographer and the Serious Eats Meat Bureau Chief. He has published Beef Aficionado since 2007, with the stated purpose of exploring American exceptionalism through the consumption of hamburgers and steak. He has written over 400 restaurant reviews and feature articles for Serious Eats since 2008. You can follow him on Instagram (@nicksolares) and Twitter (@beefaficionado).

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