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Summer is upon us, and like in seasons past, Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft has updated its seasonal sandwich menu. Here's our take on the new items.

Grilled Flank Steak ($9.87)

This steak sandwich melt is comes with tender, smoky meat and tangy-sweet grilled onions, and a rich red pepper romesco, The melted aged cheddar is more of a gooey afterthought, but holds up reasonably well; the crisp, pressed bread is a good contrast to the soft fillings.

Slow Roasted Berkshire Pork ($9.19)


Though the pork was nice and soft, it did not pack the flavor punch that you'd expect. On top of this, the Dijon mustard was a tad overpowering, which made it difficult to capture a taste of the meat. The red cabbage delivered a much needed crunchiness, but the jalapeƱos that were listed on the menu didn't register for us.

Chickpea Hummus ($7.35)


It can be difficult to make a successful vegetarian sandwich, but these folks know what they're doing. Tahini and za'atar lend spiced, nutty flavors, while the mint pesto supply the sandwich with a refreshing coolness. There are some crisp-tender vegetables for textural contrast, though we'd be happy to eat this hummus alone. Though the multigrain bread is a little dry.

Zucchini & Mozzarella ($7.35)


The plentiful zucchini in this sandwich is moist with a nice smokiness; it comes with roasted tomatoes, basil, and plenty of melted mozzarella for a fulfilling vegetarian sandwich. The grilled country bread was appropriately crunchy.

Free-Range Chicken Salad ($9.64)


It's never good when chicken salad is swimming in mayonnaise, and luckily for us eaters, this version was refreshingly light on the mayo. It was not dry, though, and the pickled red onions and cucumber contrasted well with the softness of the chicken salad. While the menu made mention of kale and walnuts, we found the kale didn't add too much. It's a solid chicken salad sandwich, but that multigrain bread (the same as the chickpea) is on the dry side.

Vegetable Frittata ($6.89)


This egg sandwich avoids the pitfalls that trip up many of its kind. It is neither dried out nor gooey and wet, but perfectly in the middle. The Greenmarket asapragus (vegetables will change with season) were evenly interspersed throughout the egg, and we particularly enjoyed the pop of green pea flavor. Though the cheddar was not too strong, it provided a needed hint of cheesiness that paired nicely with the other contents. All this was served on a great ciabatta roll from Bien Cuit that was just soft and fluffy enough. A high-end egg and cheese option.


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