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[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

Note: This venue is now closed.

The saving grace of middling burek is some solid grilled meat. While I wouldn't call the Balkan pies at Bensonhurst's Burektore Illyria bad by any means, I'm not in any rush to go back for them. But I would return for the cevapi ($7 for five, $12 for ten), especially as an appetizer for pizza at near-ish by L & B.

You can think of cevapi as a cross between kebab and sausage. It's usually made from beef and is relatively finely ground; it boasts a sausage-y bounciness, too. But there's no skin, and the meat is fresh, not cured or pre-salted. I've mostly seen the stubby fingers available in orders of five or ten, which is a little creepy if you think about it too much, so don't.

The best cevapi taste simply of beef, loads of garlic, and the smoky char of a grill. Illyria's succeed on all counts, juicy but not too fatty, with a balance of beef and garlic flavors. They come with cucumber, tomato, fresh onion, and ajvar, a creamy roasted red pepper paste that's a little pungent, a little sweet, and a little hot. Stuff your favorite components into some of the shop's fresh bread and you have the makings of a very fine south Brooklyn sandwich.

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