Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 17 Great Cold Noodles in New York for Hot Summer Days

Come warm weather, we're all up for cold noodles: cool, nutty soba; Korean nang myeun in ice broth; tongue-tingling Chinese noodles laced with chili oil—we'll take 'em all. What will we be eating when the thermometer rises to three digits? See them all in the slideshow above, or jump straight to whatever looks tastiest below.

What are your favorite cold noodles in New York?

Where to Go

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About the author: Linnea Zielinski is the person in NYU's Publishing program that talks about food and food publications all class long, fueled entirely by double espressos and fresh-pressed juices. For a glimpse into the highly-caffeinated, vegetarian world of a foodie grad student, follow her on Twitter.


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