Slideshow SLIDESHOW: How To Make Real Barbecue at Home with Hill Country Chef Elizabeth Karmel

[Photographs: Laura Togut]

For those of us without yards or grills, making real barbecue sounds like a tough proposition. But at this year's New York Culinary Experience, Executive Chef of Texas-style Hill Country showed us how to do just that.

She recommends the small investment of a stovetop pan designed for smoking meat, but after that it's all basics: low, slow cooking, smart rubs, and good wood chips. In our class we made Texas-style brisket, North Carolina pulled pork sandwiches with slaw, beer can chicken, and even baby back ribs with Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce. Click though the slideshow for tons of tips, tricks, and techniques for making all of these and any other barbecue you may venture to try at home.


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