Gaonnuri's Sam-Gye-Tang: Ginseng chicken soup with chestnut and dates >[Photograph: Linda Xiao]

The fourth annual Lucky Rice festival is around the corner. It starts April 29th and runs to May 5th, but culminates May 3rd, when twenty-two chefs gather in the ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental for the Grand Feast. There, chefs will serve food inspired by Asian cuisines as guests mingle and enjoy the view of Central Park from the Mandarin's 36th floor.

Chef Tae Goo Kang of Gaonnuri, located on the 39th floor of a K-Town highrise, is familiar with elevated cuisine. He'll be offering four dishes at the Grand Feast. One is Sam-Gye-Tang (pictured above), his interpretation of chicken soup with chestnuts and dates. "I want the guests to taste authentic Korean food," he said, "and given the setting of Grand Feast, I'll be deconstructing certain dishes so the guests will be able to approach the food in a comfortable way."


Sakamai's duck buns: ginger and soy marinated duck, lardo, foie gras mayo, celery [Photograph: Craig Cavallo]

Sakamai is doing a food and cocktail pairing for Grand Feast. Shingo Gokan, Sakamai's resident bartender, has created a Bombay Sapphire East-based drink (Bombay Sapphire is sponsoring Lucky Rice) to pair with chef Takanori Akiyama's duck buns (pictured above). "The way the party is setup," Akiyama says, "it makes sense to serve finger food. We were going to do the bun with fish, but ginger, soy sauce—the Asian flavors were always there."

sakamai 2.jpg

Ma Grude: Makrut lime and Thai chili-infused Bombay Sapphire East gin, coconut water, ginger honey, lime juice [Photograph: Craig Cavallo]

Grand Feast is not limited to chefs who run Asian restaurants. Alain Allegretti will be serving red shrimp tartare a la Bisto la Promenade, Cedric Congerichten of Perry St. is serving pan-seared shrimp with jade sauce and asparagus, and chef Mario Hernandez of Mexican restaurant Ofrenda is serving pork buns with kimchi—the pork for which he'll be braising in habanero and coconut milk.

Take a look at the full lineup of chefs, dishes, and cocktails is below.

The Tasting Menu

Chef Foon Green
Assorted signature Betel leaves

Bistro la Promenade
Chef Alain Alegretti
Red shrimp tartare: rice wine vinegar-pickled fennel & cucumber and daikon radish chips with lemongrass oil

Chef Brian Ray
Tuna tartare spring rolls with crispy shallots and ponzu

Cherrywood Kitchen
East Coast Oysters, bloody mary relish

Ember Room
Spicy Tamarind Shrimp Southern Thai-style, fried shallots, bok choy

Chef Tae Goo Kang
Yukhoe: sesame oil & soy sauce marinated beef tartare with Korean pear
Bossam: steamed pork with spicy kimchi
Jun-Yu-Hwa: Korean pancake sampler
Sam-Gye-Tang: fresh ginseng chicken soup stuffed with chestnut and dates

The General
Chef Hung Huynh
Cinderella Rice: Shiitake and Beechwood mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, truffle, chives, parsley, aleppo

The Hurricane Club
Chef Craig Koketsu
Chili lobster rolls

Chef Khamla Vongsakoun
Hot and Sour Clam Soup: turmeric, King Oyster mushrooms, dill

Chef Jehangir Mehta
Tamarind glazed pineapple bacon chicken satay

Chef Masaharu Morimoto
Eel and foie gras steamed buns

Chef Hong Thaimee
Pomelo papaya salad

Chef Mario Hernandez
Pork Bun: habanero and coconut braised pork shoulder, pork belly, corn bun, kimchi apple slaw

Perry Street
Chef Cedric Vongerichten
Pan-seared shrimp with jade sauce, asparagus and market greens

Chef Brad Farmerie

Qi Thai Grill
Chef Pichet Ong
Eggplant, chicken & shrimp salad

Rhong Tiam
Chef Andy Yang
Spicy tuna miamgkum deconstructed
Baked cherry tomato pork belly namprik ong

Chef Takanori Akiyama
Roasted duck marinated with ginger soy, lardo Iberico de Bellota, foie gras mayonnaise

Bryan S. Emperor
Tatsuta: Specialty marinated chicken wings, tangy grated radish
Wagyu Croquette: Katsu sauce, foie gras center
Kinchaku Dumpling: Miso-marinated cream cheese, sweet red crab

Spot Dessert Bar
Matcha Azuki: green tea mousse with red bean filling and green tea ice cream

Doron Wong
Crisp taro and turnip cake with ma la pork

House ground meatball with tomato makrut lime and Cotija cheese

The Cocktail Menu

Grand Feast will have beer, wine, champagne, and sake in addition to the following cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire East
Snake in a Glass: Bombay Sapphire East gin, lemongrass-infused snake shochu, cinnamon-infused Martini Rosso, fresh mandarin juice, mandarin-spiced tea
Lemongrass and Elderflower Collins: Bombay Sapphire East gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, St-Germain, lemongrass
Gin & Tonic Re-imagined: Bombay Sapphire East gin, Fever Tree tonic, orange bitters

Ma Grude: Makrut lime and Thai Chili-infused Bombay Sapphire East gin, raw coconut water, ginger honey, lime juice
Punch157: Bombay Sapphire East gin, Junmai Sake, homemade lychee-cello, grapefruit juice, rose water

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