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Tom Colicchio, Sisha Ortuzar, and Jeffrey Zurofsky have a mutual respect for tasty, seasonal ingredients. That's where 'wichcraft comes in. The sandwich shop will turn ten this year, but, despite its decade-long run, it continues to add new items to their menu as the seasons change. Deep into another cold winter, five new sandwiches have been introduced to help us battle the blustery weather.

Pancetta Frittata ($6.89; pictured above)

Roasted tomatoes and fresh rosemary make this ham and egg sandwich a cut above, but the stars of the show are the fluffy eggs and soft cubes of pancetta trapped within. It's a classic breakfast plate made portable by a warm, delicate ciabatta. Our favorite of the lot.

Meatloaf ($9.87)


Ordering meatloaf in any guise is an easy choice to make in cold weather. All too often, meatloaf and hockey pucks share similar compositions, but 'wichcraft avoids this result by adding a good dose of bacon to the freshly ground meat before the loaf is baked. The bacon renders its fat while the loaf cooks, assisting a soft, almost delicate result. Aged cheddar and tomato relish add sweet and savory depth.

Roasted Chicken ($9.64)


The chicken is the least flavorful ingredient in this Tuscan-inspired sandwich, but well-seasoned cannellini bean puree and hearty greens dressed with balsamic make up for any flavor shortage.

Sweet Potato ($7.35)


Roasted sweet potato purée proves too sweet for a sandwich, but it's balanced by a smear of salty tangy goat cheese. The subtle snap of black olives provides a bit of texture and fresh basil adds freshness that helps lighten everything up.

Daily Special


'wichcraft offers daily specials as well; on Tuesday it's lamb inside Hot Bread Kitchen's m'smen, a buttery Moroccan flatbread, and it proves to be the perfect vehicle for 'wichcraft's robust pulled lamb. Shredded carrots add a nice crunch and mild sweetness. Good for lamb lovers, but don't let it sit too long. The flatbread doesn't improve with age.


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