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Day Off in NYC: What You're Eating on MLK Day


[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

Last week we asked you what you're eating on your MLK Day off. Here are some of your responses.

Monday will be spent sleeping in, hopefully followed by a nice brunch somewhere in Brooklyn (we might try Allswell?) and then gearing up for a long train ride back home to Philly. Boo.avaryne

Lunch at del posto, jean-georges, or gotham bar & grill. Best lunch deals in the city.rodalpho

rallied some car-owning friends together to try the baba ghannouj at wafa's in forest hills and the champagne ice cream at max & mina's in flushing.abby728

Sleep in, then hit up the King of Shwarma for a brunch/lunch (depending when I wake up). Then settle into a local bar for some nice day drinking.salsasis14

I like staying close to home, checking out the restaurants I don't have time for when I'm working in Manhattan and visiting spots around the city. I'm thinking Chuko for lunch, Bar Corvo for dinner, Tooker Alley for drinks...Carey Jones

If I want to stay close to home and it's on a Saturday, I bike up to Absolut Bagels, have a slice at Sal and Carmines, a tamale at the little Mexican grocery a few blocks down from Sal and Carmines, have a frozen yogurt at Zabar's, and go to the greenmarket at Lincoln Square. If it's a Sunday, I go to the greenmarket at the Flea Market at 77th and Columbus, have a cup of custard at Shake Shack (Thank God for the B line), go swimming, and reward myself by going to the really good hot dog stand at 46th and Broadway. They sell great natural casing Hoffman's dogs. If I decide to make a day of it, I could end up anywhere from Smorgasburg to the New Amsterdam Market.Ed Levine

What's a day off?

Seriously, I get anxious and nervous on the rare days when my wife convinces me that I "need a vacation" and should unplug for awhile. I end up more anxious after these vacations than I was going in. It may seem unfortunate, but that's what happens when you happen to be lucky enough to love what you do.

So on days off? I cook, test, eat, take photos, play with the dogs, and hang out with my wife. Pretty much what I do every day, minus the annoying commute.J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

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