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Check Out Our NYC Chinatown Food Tour with Stray Boots!

[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We're working with a startup called Stray Boots to create interactive food adventures around New York! Like a cross between a tour and a scavenger hunt, Stray Boots's cell phone-guided experiences send you "challenges" at different locations that you complete to earn points and learn fun facts about each stop along the way. You can play by iPhone app or even by using any phone via text message or a mobile web browser.

But of course, the tours we create together are all about food.

For our first foray, Stray Boots has taken a bunch of our favorite spots in Chinatown and Little Italy and turned them into an gastronomic game through one of the tastiest parts of the city. Wander around through our favorite eating spots, markets, and more (no pressure to stuff yourself, but we bet you'll want to snack along the way!). You'll stop at our favorite dumpling place, favorite bakery for egg tarts, favorite spot for $2 lamb burgers, and more. For details and to purchase tickets to the experience, which you can play virtually any time and on your own schedule, click here.

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