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Word got out quickly when Greenpoint favorite No Name Bar started "secretly" serving ramen noodles out of a tiny basement kitchen earlier this year. Now the still-nameless bar has swapped out its ramen menu for a Thai one created by a spunky woman named Nam who also runs Am Thai Bistro in Flatbush.

The noodle soups are still there, albeit with a new Thai direction. In the coming winter days, tucking into a fragrant bowl of Nam's Fishball Noodle Soup ($9) will be a warm welcome. The soup features fish balls, tofu and bok choy, with bright pops of lemongrass and coriander flavors in the broth. Just be sure to grab a fork to handle the awkwardly large flat rice noodles—they are a bit unwieldy for soup.


If you need something a bit spicier, try the Drunk Man Noodle Plate ($9), essentially Pad Kee Mow if you're familiar with Thai food. It's a better use of the flat rice noodles, which are sautéed with beef and vegetables in a tangy sambal-based sauce.


For pure Thai comfort food, nothing beats Basil Pork and Sunny Egg on Rice ($9), a classic crowd pleaser of minced pork sautéed with plenty of Thai basil and vegetables. Break the runny yolk and mix it into the rice and minced pork for a delicious, filling meal.


The dishes are well portioned for the price, but if you need extra food, order up a side of Bok Choy ($6), sautéed Chinese-style with oyster sauce and fried garlic. It's not your typical bar food, but you might be surprised at how well it pairs with a good beer.

Thai food obsessives should note that the level of spiciness on the menu has been tempered for the less chile-inclined, but the kitchen offers plenty of extra chili vinegar and sambal sauce to add to your dishes. If the weather is working in your favor, enjoy your food outdoors in No Name's beautiful backyard (one of the better ones we've seen in Brooklyn). To avoid the crowds, we recommend stopping by on weekend afternoons as you just might stumble upon a cool event, such as the fundraiser barbecue they held this past Sunday for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

No Name Bar

597 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)
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