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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Madison Square Eats has returned to the Flatiron, and the season brings some new vendors, including Broken English. The booth is selling Il Trapizzino sandwiches, ($5 each), the popular Italian street food of pizza bianca pockets stuffed with savory fillings like stewed oxtail, eggplant parmesan, and pollo alla cacciatora.

The pizza bianca in each sandwich is very fresh, spongy within and crispy without, capable of soaking up all the juices from the fillings (which makes the last few bites the most glorious). I scarfed down the Pollo alla Cacciotora (not pictured), dark meat chicken meat cooked with garlic, olive oil, rosemary, white wine, and vinegar. The Il Garofolato, which features beef, onions, pancetta, tomato, red wine, and cloves is super meaty, a tender stewy braise that'll make you crave cold weather.

Other fillings fare less well. The Baccalà, made with salt cod and peppers is fishy in the extreme, and Trippa alla Romana is for tripe lovers only. But we're excited to head back to try more.

At the moment, you can only find these sandwiches at Madison Square Eats (open through October 15th) in the Broken English booth, but they'll appear on Broken English's menu soon.

Broken English at Madison Square Eats

Worth Square (map)

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