Frank Prisinzano, "truffle hunting" in Tompkins Square Park.

Every year, Frank Prisinzano, the owner of Frank, Lil' Frankie's, Supper, and Sauce, heads to Italy to re-immerse himself in the mother country's food culture—and score some truffles along the way. This year he wants to film the trip and host a series of webisodes about the journey to live on the Sauced website.

His project is up for crowdfunding on Mobcaster, where you can redeem rewards for your pledge. That includes anything from gift cards at his restaurants (hey, free sandwich) to a spot at one of his aperitivo parties to a personal pasta making class for one.*

* It's worth noting that unlike some other Kickstarter-type projects, the redeemable rewards aren't cumulative—larger rewards don't include the smaller rewards as well.

Here's a teaser trailer for what the series has in store, with only slightly gratuitous truffle hunting footage...in Tompkins Square Park:

If you're down to contribute, head over to the project page on Mobcaster, which has details on the levels of redeemable rewards. You can also learn more at a fundraiser aperitivo party at Sauce in the East Village this Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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