What to Eat at the 2012 Feast of San Gennaro

Slideshow SLIDESHOW: What to Eat at the 2012 Feast of San Gennaro

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Last year saw some game-changing food at the Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy's carnival of greasy sausage, fried Oreos, and a guy dressed like a giant cannoli. Unfortunately, this year doesn't feature as many new, innovative offerings. Much like Mulberry Street the rest of the year, there are two stands to really pay attention to: Rubirosa and Torrisi Italian Specialties, both of which lie near the northern end of the fair.

'Sup, cannoli guy

Rubirosa's pizza, cooked to order from a wood-burning oven on the street, is a new addition to the Feast, and a welcome one. Torrisi has upped its game from last year, serving even more delightful cross-culture mashups like an Italian combo-style Hebrew National hot dog, corn dog brats fried in polenta batter, and even better Chinese take out-style ribs than before.

Check out the slideshow to see all the good bites up for grabs. Two stands plus some potential fried Oreos may not sound like a proper feast, but you'll change your mind after seeing those ribs.

The Feast runs until next Sunday, September 23rd, though all stands may not be open at all times.


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