[Photograph: Naomi Zeveloff]

With Rosh Hashanah ahead, the Gefilteria has been busy making kosher gefilte fish. Revile the gray, bleak-looking fish patties you may but this Brooklyn-based company uses ground whitefish, pike, and salmon instead of the more traditional, and much less sustainable, carp.

The goal of the three 20-somethings behind Gefilteria is to re-create the Old World fish with better ingredients. (Their website includes a "Gefilte Manifesto".) You can buy Gefilteria's fish online or at weekend food markets around NYC.

The Jewish Daily Forward visited the Gefilteria kitchen to see how it's made. "The mixture smelled only mildly like fish, and intensely of onions." It gets topped with spicy carrot horseradish and sweet beet horseradish, a nice burst of color added to what's otherwise, well, gefilte-colored.

Watch the Video from Jewish Daily Forward


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