Editor's Note: This week, the Rubin Museum of Art is releasing a guide to Himalayan shopping and dining around the city, with discounts for meals at Tibetan and Nepali restaurants. So we're shining the spotlight on some Himalayan dishes we've loved around town. Hit up these spots with the guide in hand for a discount off your meal. You can get your own free copy of the guide with admission to the museum; you can also enter our giveaway here to get it mailed to your door.


[Photograph: Howard Walfish]

The cultural mash-up that is Cafe Himalaya's tsel phing ($7.50) includes a Nepali red curry-coconut broth, Chinese wok-fried bean thread noodles and cabbage, and Indian-style fried paratha bread. A little smoky, a little spicy, a dish to slurp and chew at the same time. The subtle heat doesn't hit you right way; it builds slowly as you navigate your way through the tumble of noodles, flatbread, and broth.

10% off meal with the Rubin Museum's guide. Win your copy here.

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Cafe Himalaya

78 East 1st Street, New York NY 10009 (map)

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