[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Beyond is the best way to describe this Brooklyn Blackout Cake ($6) from Sugar & Plumm. It's a welcome start to the weekend, four layers of a wicked dark and dense chocolate cake. It's both richer and more intense than devil's food cake, the usual cake employed in a Brooklyn Blackout. In the traditional version, the cake is paired with chocolate pudding and cake crumbs, but here you're treated to fudge-like filling separating the layers, a thick pour of ganache to coat the entire cake, and finally chocolate cake crumbs and a confident dust of glitter. Bring on the cold milk and two forks, please.

And if you're feeling especially over the top, don't forget about Earthquake in a Fishbowl where a petite slice of the Blackout is also included.

Sugar & Plumm

377 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10024 (map)

About the author: Originally from Honolulu, Kathy YL Chan blogs at Kathy YL Chan, where she chronicles her eats and travel adventures between Hawai'i, New York and beyond. She firmly believes that there is always room for dessert.


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