Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Market Scene Special Edition: Sunrise at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

[Photographs: Lauren Rothman]

In season now: Tomatoes, Corn, Peppers, Eggplant, Apples, Pears, Winter Squash, Root Vegetables, Hardy Greens
In season soon: More Root Vegetables, Cabbage, Onions

It's Friday afternoon, and you've got big plans for your Saturday: you're going to wake up early, go for a run in the park, and still make it to the Greenmarket just as it opens, so you can be there in the beautiful dawn light and have your pick of the best of the best before the crowds get there. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? And then...Friday night happens. You go to bed late and either don't set your alarm or sleep right through it. Sound familiar?

That's where I come in. For this special edition of Market Scene, I actually did wake up before sunrise. I got to Grand Army Plaza right after the vendors, and snapped some shots of them setting up and welcoming their first customers. Serious Eats: waking up early, so you don't have to.

Take a peek at the slideshow above, and if you find the scene inspiring (it really is wonderful to be there when things are nice and quiet, before the multitudes of Park Slope dogs and babies arrive), then check out the market nice and early tomorrow morning!

About the author: Lauren Rothman is a former Serious Eats intern, a freelance catering chef, and an obsessive chronicler of all things culinary. Try the original recipes on her blog, For the Love of Food, and follow her on Twitter @Lochina186.


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