Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Market Scene: Tomatoes, Stone Fruit, and Basil at the Union Square Greenmarket

[Photograph: Dave Katz]

In season now: husk cherries, lots of tomatoes, stone fruit, apricots, peppers, summer squash, melons, basil, fresh herbs, artichokes, blackberries, blueberries, some new apples, and much more.

In season soon: More hot peppers, more heirloom tomatoes, new season apples.

It's high summer at the greenmarket, with tomatoes everywhere you look and other fruit in juicy abundance. This week we found some gorgeous summer produce and checked in with some of the market's pickle makers and maple syrup slingers. Click through the slideshow to see it all, and get to the market today or tomorrow!

The Union Square Greenmarket is open on the North and West sides of Union Square Park every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 8am-6pm.


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