Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Behind The Scenes at the New Fulton Fish Market with Alex Palumbo

[Photographs: Donny Tsang]

Alex Palumbo, the owner of Osteria il Paiolo in Williamsburg, is serious about his ingredients, and he regularly hits up the markets to buy meat, produce, and seafood. On a recent crisp night, we were lucky enough to accompany Alex up to the New Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point. He told us that when he first started making trips up to Hunts Point and was still new to the whole Fulton Fish Market experience, it took him nearly two to three hours to buy seafood. Now, after going for so many years, he only spends a brief hour jumping from supplier to supplier while pulling his dolly.

Take a look at the late night world of the Fulton Fish Market ยป

New Fulton Fish Market

800 Food Center Dr. Unit 65B NY 10474 (map)

Osteria Il Paiolo

106 N 6th St NY 11211 (map)

About the Author: Donny Tsang traded a life of traffic jams in LA for one of crowded subways in NYC, where he's been since 2003. Now he is a Brooklyn-based food photographer and founded the website Foodaissance, where he photographs local artisans.


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