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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

If you're a lover of rainbow cookies, you're all too familiar with the disappointment that stems from the dry, over-sweetened, and under-flavored versions that are all too common around the city. So it's more with relief than anything else that I can say that Donatella serves quite a nice one in the form of an ice cream sandwich ($7). It may be the only ice cream sandwich I know that's more about the cookie than the ice cream, but that's okay by me. It's just moist enough, not too sweet, and comes with genuine almond flavor. Chocolate and jam are muted elements: present, but not too strong.

Cool, creamy, not-too-heavy vanilla acts something like a cold à la mode, moistening the cookie without sogging it up. Eat this sandwich fast before the ice cream melts and squishes out the sides. You're better off with a fork and knife, Seinfeld-style.


184 8th Avenue, New York, NY (map)

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