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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I don't know how they keep such a thin base from turning icy at Sky Ice, but I do know that their Thai Tea ice cream ($2.50 single scoop, $4.50 double scoop, $5.50 triple scoop) is the frozen, scoopable version of Thai milk tea. It has a milky, almost glassy texture like you'd find in a sorbet, which lets the potent, genuine flavor of tea shine through. Far too often, Thai tea desserts taste like vanilla candy and orange coloring, but here you'll find the slight bitterness and restrained sweetness of the best milk teas.

Another winner when it's available: black sesame seaweed. It tastes weirder than it sounds: it's a nutty scoop with a slight savory edge, and the vegetal funk of seaweed plays surprisingly well in dessert. Be brave and give it a try; worst case scenario, the more lovable Thai tea makes a more than friendly backup. That the two flavors go so well together is plain good luck.

Sky Ice

63 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (map)

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