Editor's Note: July is Ice Cream Month on Serious Eats: New York! To celebrate, we're spotlighting a scoop we love every day.


[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

My ice cream sandwich cravings tend to hit without warning, and I think the red and white Coolhaus trucks around the city definitely induce a Pavlovian response. These are ice cream sandwiches to unhinge your jaw, shove your face into, and revel in the melty cream that drips down your fingers. They're messy and easy to love, and I'm thankful for that.

My most recent Coolhaus success was the root beer ice cream sandwiched, on recommendation from the truck, between snickerdoodle cookies ($6 per sandwich). The ice cream is bright and surprisingly refreshing, given that it's a dense gob of almost chewy custard between two buttery, sandy cookies spiked with cinnamon. Sasparilla doesn't hit you super-heavy, but notes of vanilla, chocolate, and wintergreen come in turns. Close your eyes and it's like chomping down on a chunky-style root beer float. Come the oppressive heat of summer, I'll take that any day.


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