TGI Fry-Day: Boqueria's Cojonudo

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[Photograph: Jessie Pascoe]

Boqueria might only open at noon, but one taste of their cojonudo ($6)—roughly translated as "awesome" in Spanish—and you will have found breakfast heaven. A simple assembly of toast, chorizo and fried quail egg, cojonudo offers rich, salty flavors with a chewy bite. Things get a little complicated with fried egg: the bottom is nicely crispy, but the top a little rubbery. Thankfully, the zesty chorizo has enough kick to over come this—and make you wish you had some pieces to go.

Boqueria offers a slew of tapas, drinks and entrées with locations in Chelsea and Soho. During the Euro Cup, Boqueria is screening select games; a recent lunch hour had captive office workers glued to the TV above the bar area. And if you absolutely must have their cojonudo for the first meal of the day, swing by on the weekend where they have these tasty tapas on their brunch menu.

Boqueria Flatiron

53 West 19th St New York, 10011 (map)

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